Six Ways to Preserve your Wedding Memories Forever

This is the official call for all the Leslie Knopes out there who love a little planning. And for those who don’t love planning, consider this to be the cure to any and all of your post-wedding blues. You just planned every detail of a wedding for a year and then every day of a week-long honeymoon. Now’s your chance to capture and relive some of those magical moments!

The Dress

This one’s easy: just drop it off and swipe your card! Get your wedding dress and veil preserved at a dry cleaners and store it in a safe, dry place. Be sure to read online reviews if you don’t already have a cleaner you trust. You don’t want to give it to just any old Mom & Pop.


The Ring

If it’s been awhile since you cleaned your ring, yours is probably coated in lotion, self tanner, sweat, or brunch leftovers. Buy a ring cleaner on Amazon to keep it shiny every day and take it to the jewelry store every six months to get it serviced. Tip: most stores will also replace loose or missing diamonds, so be sure to cash in on that service too.


The Photos

Store digital copies of your photos and video(s) or upload them to a hard drive in case your laptop from college finally burns out for good. In case you didn’t know, Amazon Prime and Google Photos also offer unlimited photo storage.

Scrapbook wedding photos and frame your favorites for your home. Bonus: frame a few family shots and you’ve got great Christmas presents that are relatively inexpensive!

The Invite

Save, scrapbook or professionally frame your invitation or special RSVPs (think: your elderly relatives). They’ll be great keepsakes to pass down.

The Flowers

Dry your bouquet or press your flowers and boutonnieres, but only if you have a great place to store them. If this is going to take up precious space in your new home and your parents can’t offer a great storage spot, then simply keep the photos.


The License

Your wedding license will inevitably be asked for a hundred times in the future–health insurance, name change and more. Put the original in a fire-proof safe and make a couple of copies to be safe.

Now you can be assured that all of your memories are safe. Go relax; you deserve it.


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