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Important Information on the REAL ID 2025 Deadline

The REAL ID deadline is coming up real soon!  REAL ID has allowed the federal government to regulate security standards for issuing identification at the state level. The deadline for people in all 50 states to comply with these standards will take effect next year.  As the 2025 deadline for REAL ID compliance approaches, it is essential to understand the significance of this legislation and its...

How To Change Your Name After Divorce? Navigating the Name Change Process After Divorce: A DIY Guide by HitchSwitch [Updated For 2024] 

[2024] How To Change Your Name After Divorce? Navigating the Name Change Process After Divorce: A DIY Guide by HitchSwitch  Why does a name matter so much? Why does a name carry such weight?  It’s not just a string of letters; it’s a testament to who we are, a marker of our journey, and an essential part of our story.  Changing your name after a divorce signifies a fresh chapter, a renewed...

Filing Taxes as a Married Couple: What Newlyweds Need to Know [2024]

Getting married changes so many aspects of your life – even some you may not have thought too much about, like filing taxes! Finances are one of the many parts of your lives that will intertwine, which usually will affect how you file your taxes.  One important task that newlyweds often face is navigating the realm of taxes as a married couple. Figuring out how to file taxes as a married couple...

2024 – How To Change Your Name After Your Wedding [Name Change Checklist & Guide]

Navigating the Name Change Process After Marriage (11-Step Checklist) We understand that changing your name after tying the knot can feel like a daunting task, but fret not – the experts at HitchSwitch are here to be your guiding light through every step of the name-change process. With our comprehensive 11-step checklist and insightful tips, you’ll find yourself confidently navigating the name...

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