14 Essential Items to Include on Your Baby Registry

Congratulations on your journey to parenthood! As you eagerly await the arrival of your little one, one of the most important tasks on your to-do list is creating a baby registry. A well-curated registry not only helps you prepare for your baby’s arrival but also allows your friends and family to shower you with gifts that will be genuinely useful.

In this guide, we will dig into some helpful tips and advice for creating a baby registry, such as when to get started and what to prioritize. Then, we will explore some essential items to include on your baby registry, like a crib and a car seat. 

Our tips and item recommendations cater to the needs of both first-time parents and other growing families. With the right approach and attitude, creating a baby registry can be an exciting step in preparing for the arrival of your baby. Happy registering!


Tips and Advice for Creating a Baby Registry


Before diving into the world of baby products, here are some valuable tips to consider when creating your registry:

  • Start Early: Don’t wait until the last minute to create your registry. Starting early gives you ample time to research products, compare prices, and make informed decisions. Not only does this give your loved ones plenty of time to purchase and deliver your registry items, but it also allows you to prepare your home for your baby’s arrival at a stress-free pace. 
  • Prioritize Essentials: While it can be tempting to add every cute baby gadget to your registry, prioritize essential items that you will realistically need in those early months. Think practicality over novelty. (There is a good chance that your friends and family will also be tempted to purchase cute baby gadgets anyway!)
  • Consider Practicality and Affordability: While browsing through baby products, it is essential to keep usefulness and your budget in mind. Opt for items that align with your lifestyle and needs while also being mindful of any financial constraints. Choosing practical and budget-friendly options ensures that your registry is filled with items that will truly benefit you and your baby without breaking the bank.
  • Include Items from Various Price Points: Your friends and family likely are working with a variety of different budgets, so be cognizant of including items at different price points to accommodate everyone’s preferences.
  • Review and Update: It can be a good idea to periodically review and update your registry. As you talk to parenting friends and prepare for your baby’s arrival, you may realize your current registry needs aren’t the same as what you originally anticipated. 
  • Plan Ahead for Baby’s First Year: As you work on your baby registry, it is wise to plan ahead for the entire first year of your little one’s life. Consider registering for items that will be useful not only in the newborn stage but also as your baby grows. Think ahead to milestones such as starting solids, teething, and transitioning to a bigger crib. By anticipating your baby’s changing needs, you can ensure that your registry remains relevant and practical throughout their first year of life.


Essential Items for Your Baby Registry


  1. Crib or Bassinet: A safe sleeping space is essential for your baby’s well-being. Consider a sturdy crib or a cozy bassinet that meets safety standards.
  2. Car Seat: A reliable car seat is non-negotiable for transporting your newborn safely. Opt for an infant car seat or a convertible car seat that grows with your child.
  3. Stroller: Invest in a durable and easy-to-maneuver stroller for outings with your baby. Look for features like a reclining seat, ample storage, and an easy folding model.
  4. Diapers and Diapering Essentials: Stock up on diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and changing pads to keep your little one clean and comfortable.
  5. Changing Table: Make diaper changes a breeze by adding a changing table to your registry. Look for options with ample storage space for diapers, wipes, and other essentials, ensuring everything you need is within arm’s reach during diaper changes.
  6. Feeding Supplies: Whether you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed, include essentials like bottles, nipples, bottle brushes, and bibs on your registry.
  7. Clothing and Swaddles: Register for a variety of clothing items in different sizes, along with swaddles and sleep sacks for cozy nights.



  1. Baby Monitor: Keep an eye on your baby while they sleep with a reliable baby monitor. Choose options with features like video monitoring and two-way audio.
  2. Nursing Pillow: Breastfeeding moms will appreciate the support and comfort provided by a quality nursing pillow.
  3. Baby Bath Essentials: Make bath time safe and enjoyable with a baby bathtub, gentle baby soap, soft towels, and moisturizing baby lotion.
  4. Baby Carrier or Wrap: Keep your baby close while staying hands-free with a comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier or wrap.
  5. High Chair or Booster Seat: Prepare for the transition to solid foods by including a high chair or booster seat on your registry. Look for options that are easy to clean and adjust as your baby grows.
  6. Teething Toys and Pacifiers: Soothe your baby’s teething discomfort with teething toys and pacifiers. Choose options made from safe, non-toxic materials.
  7. Baby Books and Toys: Stimulate your baby’s development with age-appropriate books and toys. Consider registering for items that encourage sensory exploration, motor skills development, and cognitive growth.


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