Healthy Habits for You and Your Partner

Do you know when you’re sitting on the toilet and scrolling through your Instagram and see a video with an elderly couple talking about how they’ve been married for 50+ years? How somehow they’ve cracked “the code” to a long, healthy, and fulfilling marriage? And you’re sitting there thinking, “how the f— did they do that?” via GIPHY Those people are my heroes because while marriage is a...

Gentleman’s Guide To Grooming

So you’ve finally decided to step up your game and get married, huh? Well, my friend, congratulations on making the love of your life, your partner for life. Unlike the bride, you probably have everything planned to perfection. The suit, the speech, the vows, the best man, the drive to the airport, the honeymoon… Hey, you’ve got no reason to stress! It’s your wedding day yaaaay! This is the...

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