Gentleman’s Guide To Grooming

So you’ve finally decided to step up your game and get married, huh? Well, my friend, congratulations on making the love of your life, your partner for life. Unlike the bride, you probably have everything planned to perfection. The suit, the speech, the vows, the best man, the drive to the airport, the honeymoon…

Hey, you’ve got no reason to stress! It’s your wedding day yaaaay! This is the best day of your life! After tonight, you’re going to be a husband to your beautiful partner, and you’re both probably going to be passed out drunk so honestly, don’t overthink anything.  

I know when it comes to preparing, you’ve got everything figured out but…have you looked in a mirror lately? All that thinking and planning has got you looking like…well, not so great. It’s not like your buddies are rushing to take you out to the spa to get mani/pedis together.

But you know what? You’re the groom, so you better believe a spa day is what you deserve before the big day.

Don’t worry, man; I’m here to help. Read on to save a groom.

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Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body? Skincare takes up a massive chunk of the beauty industry, rounding up a whopping $121 billion annually. It’s a shame we rarely see advertisements that encourage males to participate in skin care.

But let me tell you why you should:
-Men have larger pores than women.
-Men tend to sweat more, which leads to dirtier and oiler skin.
-Testosterone stimulation causes men’s surface to be 20-25% thicker than a woman’s.

Women don’t have to be the only ones with radiant skin. Even though women are the audience the media targets, here’s what you can do to achieve that same glow and watch your skin transform.


Shaving is one of the best things you can do for the skin as it helps in the removal of dead skin and oil buildup. Most men are uneducated about what razors to buy and what skincare routine would work best for them.

When picking out shaving cream, you want the best for your skin. Harry’s shave cream is one of many that offers a uniques formula to help hydrate and soften your beard before shaving. It contains essential oils that will have you feeling refreshed plus aloe vera for a soothing effect.

Best part? It’s paraben and sulfate free.


Moisturizing is key to healthy and happy skin. There’s always a time and place for everything, right? Make sure to use a face wash that is free of harsh chemical and not only exfoliates but smooths your skin and leaves it GLOWING.

The best time to apply moisturizer is after a shower.

Pat your skin dry and apply! Your pores will still be open from the steam of your shower so the moisturizer will penetrate the skin’s surface with ease.

When it comes to picking from the millions of moisturizers out there, the first thing you need to know is what skin type are you? Are you normal, dry, oily, or sensitive? Once you have all that figured out, pick a moisturizer that does not contain harsh ingredients as it will do significant damage to your skin!

The following moisturizers are some of the best and will keep your skin healthy and hydrated! Don’t worry, they’re all affordable and won’t break the bank.

Harry’s Face Lotion- $8 (Best for dry skin)
NIVEA Creme- $5
Lotus Herbals ALPHAMOIST- $11.99 (Best for oily skin)

P.S: If it contains SPF 15 or higher, invest in it as it will also protect from sun damage!


The greatest thing about the human body is that it tells us when something is wrong. Call it a gut feeling, but we always know what our body needs. When your stomach started growling, you understand that you need food. When you sleep past your alarm, you understand you need sleep. When you’re out of breath going up a flight of stairs, you know you need a more active lifestyle.


When it comes to staying fit, there is endless information. It’s impossible to know what’s “in” and what crazy diet fad people are following these days. We all know that any adrenaline pumped exercise promotes the release of endorphins in our body, resulting in a positive mood. Contrary to belief, you do not need a gym membership to get fit. You can find at home workout videos on YouTube. There are endless workout videos that will help you get in shape from the comfort of your living room.

If gyms are your thing, you can always partner up with a close friend. Pick the sporty one because they won’t lack motivation when it comes to getting in shape. Remember that physical activity is a great stress reliever. So whether it’s getting in shape or merely wanting to relieve some stress, a run around the block will help you clear your mind and get back on track.


There are 12 known types of massages. You can try a new one every day so you’ll be 100% stress-free on the day of your wedding!

On a serious note, though.

Massages are GREAT at helping you ease up! Massages focus on releasing pain and tension from your muscles so your body can relax. The most common is the Swedish massage. This particular massage is a full body and is the best choice if you’re feeling any kind of muscle pain in your upper area. The massage therapist will likely dim the room and create a calming atmosphere so you can relax as they use a combination of techniques to release muscle knots.

Another excellent massage choice would be an aromatherapy massage as it helps to elevate your mood and reduces any stress or anxiety you might have before any big event.

-Brows & Nails

Ok, big guy, I know what you’re thinking, but I swear this is completely normal.

The amount of men cleaning their brows and doing their nails is rapidly increasing because men are finally starting to realize the importance of self-care (finally!)! If you’re too embarrassed to head to a salon and trust a professional, there are other options. There are salons whose workers are willing to come straight to your door to help you prepare and look your best! You just have to call around and ask.

When you start to realize that you’re probably going to show up in every photo at your wedding, you want to do everything in your power to look your best, not just for yourself, but for your partner.


What’s the one word you’re going to hear over a hundred times from every living being holding up a camera or phone?


They’ve probably been waiting for this day longer than you have so you got to give the people what they want. It’s only fair.

When it comes to teeth whitening, there aren’t many quick options. You either head to your dentist’s a day before the wedding, or you consider using whitening strips. Because they contain peroxide, they work well to whiten teeth at an affordable price. Below are some options and don’t forget the wise words of Connie Stevens: “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.”

Crest 3D White Teeth Whitening Strips- $44.99
AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit- $59.99


Did you know that the average person has over 120,000 strands of hair on their head? When you see it from that perspective, you become more cautious with what products you condition your hair with.

-Style & Cut

How to cut and style depends entirely on you. Maybe you want to grow out your hair. Perhaps you want to go bald. The best advice I can give you is to test it out. Let your hair grow out a few months before your wedding and head to the salon and see what works for you. Find a professional whom you can trust with your hair so they won’t disappoint you on the big day. Let them know precisely what you want and specify that it’s for the most important day of your life!


Just like skin, everyone’s hair is different. I won’t go through the list of hairs and what works for each one, but I can tell you that finding a product that works uniquely for your hair will be a relief. You won’t want something to make your hair too oily, frizzy, or dry. Spend the weeks before your wedding searching for a product that works for you. You want your hair in one place and not single strands flying all over the place. Got to be picture perfect!

Congratulations and good luck!



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