Best Workout Channels to Keep You Fit (At Home)

With summer rapidly approaching, many of us are beginning to change our habits to achieve that front cover of a magazine “summer bod.” Maybe it’s due to temperatures quickly rising, everyone posting their weight loss journey in quarantine, or perhaps you decided it’s time to take out that bikini you repurchased a few years back.  You admit you’ve put on a few extra pounds...

How You Can Stay Healthy This Winter Season

Winter Blues are real! And they’re preventing me from ever losing those 2 (ok, 7) pounds I’ve gained during the holiday festivities. There was so much planning, food, and fun that it’s genuinely no wonder we fall so behind regarding our health and fitness status. It’s common considering the many speculations we have encompassing our minds.  Once the holidays are over, we...

Fitness Post-Baby (Disclosure: It’s Not Gonna Be Easy…)

Like any first time mom, when I was pregnant with my first baby, I asked every question in the book regarding fitness, health, and nutrition. I played for my high school soccer team and ran track in college so you can say I was pretty uneasy when it came to my body changing throughout my pregnancy. Hitting the gym every single day was more than a routine to me, it was a sacred ritual. So yes, I...

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