Say, I and Repeat After Me: I Would Do anything for love, but, I Won’t do THAT, (Cash bar thing to my guests)

Say, I and Repeat After Me: I Would Do anything for love, but, I Won’t do THAT, (Cash bar thing to my guests)

Over here at HitchSwitch, we have weddings and ways to streamline the wedding process on our brain 25/8. We are beginning to think we have uncovered what “that” is regarding the fuzzy Meatloaf lyrics, “I would do anything for love but, I won’t do THAT.” I think what Meaty is crooning about is he would do anything for love, and for that love to be felt at his wedding, but, he would never make his guests pay for booze, thoughts?

Nothing to think about, other than exhausting every other option humanly possible than having your guests pay to play, or drink the night away…Usually, actually, almost always, there is a flip side to every coin and a chair for every ass. However, there are some universal truths and rote advice in the often joked debate of: is it ever ok, to have your wedding guests spend their own coin to get a drink in hand and their ass out of their chair and onto the dance floor? The answer – unless you can convince us otherwise, which would be like convincing us wine isn’t wet) is NO, and we aren’t joking.

There are many alternatives, creative, and cost-saving options to “grey goose” without making your guests open their wallets to stay hydrated on the dance floor.

We actually get asked a form of this question every day, and the answer is the same every time, no, no, no, no!

While we embrace every type of bride, and every type of and wedding vision, and strongly encourage setting a budget and sticking to it, we highly doubt any of our brides, as outside the box brides, as they may be, want to have a donation box, titled “beer money” at their reception….

Just consider us your personal GPS on navigating a toll-free cash-bar-free road of exact change for your guests. Read on, free of charge (ha) to find an EZ pass alternative route and borrow one of our “Waze” to avoid the sure highway to hell of a wedding…

Have a signature drink that is you, maybe the drink you first shared as a couple, maybe a drink that is seasonal, maybe a drink local to the area.

Give your wedding party an open bar option and keep your other guests thirst quenched with wine and champagne.

Serve a sparkling white or Prosecco (Italian white wine instead of a costly champagne. Prosecco can be a less expensive substitute for Champagne in drinks like a Bellini).

Ditch the filet mignon for tacos, and serve margaritas, but DO NOT skip on the booze.

In case you don’t “buy” into our Meatloaf philosophy, or unwavering stance on a noncash bar wedding, consider this: If your wedding is the best party you will ever throw for your family and friends, would your idea of the best party ever entail having your guests pay for cocktails?????

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