How To Make Valentine’s Day Special In 2021

This year’s Valentine’s Day will look different, just like every other holiday or special occasion in the past 365 days. That means you need to put in extra thought, time, and effort to make it special. Going out to a fancy restaurant isn’t going to feel as romantic or glamorous when your mask smears your lipstick. You might need to make adjustments to your usual plans. 

Now, this is when you either read this article by yourself and take some inspiration from it or send it to your significant other. There’s no shame in giving your partner a few hints. Either way, these tips will help you have the best Valentine’s Day possible.


The fact is that we center this holiday around gifts and romantic gestures. The latter will be covered in the next section, so let’s focus on the gifts for now. You can always go big and hit it out of the park with an expensive piece of jewelry, but that’s not always possible. It’s also a high standard to set for the next few years.

Instead, the gift you give your partner should hit them right in the feelings. Don’t focus on the red hearts and drug store flowers. Instead, focus on them as a person and then add Valentine’s flair. This will not only make you look thoughtful, but it is also going to impress your partner.

For example, if they stare at computer screens all day, you can get them a nice pair of blue light blocking glasses. Choosing a pair that they love will show them that you pay attention to their style and daily needs. It’s also an out of the box item that people might not think to buy for themselves. Those items make the best gifts. 


Gifts don’t always have to be physical or something you paid for. Take a deep dive into your hobbies and see what you can make. The most romantic thing you can ever get your partner is something that you’ve created.

Writing a song or painting a picture for them are good examples, but almost any hobby or interest can produce a romantic gift. If you can’t think of how to turn your hobby into a present, write your significant other a poem or letter instead. It will be cheesy and romantic, but I guarantee you that they will cherish it forever. 

Then, once you have the main gift, you can always supplement it with the stereotypical candy, flowers, and teddy bears. Especially the candy. Everyone wants chocolate on Valentine’s Day. 

Romantic Gestures 

Okay, this is when you have the opportunity to show off and make a memory. Your options of what you can do outside of your home will vary depending on where you live, but what you can do inside will stay the same, so let’s start there. 



Let’s begin with the stereotypical but still romantic gestures. The one that comes to mind is that movie or TV scene when rose petals are thrown on the floor leading to a beautiful dinner. Typically candles, flowers, and home cooking are involved. 

It’s almost a guarantee that your partner has dreamed of this actually happening to them. So why not make their dreams come true? It could be challenging to pull off because the holiday is on a Sunday this year, but it’s not impossible.  

Send them out in the afternoon to go shopping for a few hours. You can also make an appointment to get their nails or hair done when you want to set up. This can throw them off their game, especially if you say that the appointment is the gift. They won’t be expecting the big surprise when they get home!

If you prefer something more low-key, just make a romantic homecooked meal. Make your partners favorite appetizer, dinner, and dessert, or make it with them! Cooking together can be very romantic, and it can also a fantastic bonding experience. 

Valentine’s Day, especially when you’re staying at home, the most important thing is to spend quality time together. The meal, movie, atmosphere, or anything else won’t matter if you aren’t giving your partner individual and meaningful attention. 


Outside The Home

If you are entirely compelled to go out for Valentine’s this year, safety and isolation should be your number one concern. Whatever you do, don’t hope that restaurants will have tables available when you show up that night. Make a reservation well in advance! Also, ask about their policies and what precautions the restaurant is taking to keep everyone safe. 

Tables fill up quickly every year, and now, because of COVID, there will be even fewer tables to go around. Most regulations have cut seating in half so that the restaurant can spread out the tables as far as possible. Don’t get caught without a reservation, trust me. 

If you live in the north half of the country, celebrating at home or a restaurant is probably your only option. It’s too cold to eat outdoors, and everything might be covered in snow by then! Still, if you live in an area of the country where the weather is warm all year round, you still have plenty of options available to you. 

Daytime picnics are the peak of romantic gestures. Wear comfortable but cute outfits, break out a bedsheet and eat in a park. The meal doesn’t even have to be some fancy and over the top event. Buy a sandwich from a local shop on your way to the park or grab a coffee at Starbucks. 


I could say it a million times, and it’ll still be relevant; Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to have a special day, even in a pandemic. Being thoughtful and compassionate will always be more important than the price tag. I hope you have a memorable and safe Valentine’s Day filled with love for you and your partner. 

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