Wedding Day Emergency Bag Necessities

All bets are off on the day of your wedding, and you need to prepare yourself. Emergency bags, or kits, are the best way to prevent issues from ever happening. What goes into your bag will depend on what kind of bride you are and what purpose you want your bag to have. 

At the very least, you, the bride, need an emergency bag. It’s almost a guarantee that you will need it. So it’s not forgotten, put the bag in your car or by your wedding dress. Make it so that it will be impossible to forget when you go to the ceremony. 


While you’re at it, make it your maid of honors responsibility. You have enough to worry about. You shouldn’t have to keep track of an emergency bag! Fill it full of the things you need, put it somewhere you won’t forget, and tell your maid of honor that it is now her job. Remembering a bag is an easy job for a bridesmaid too. 

Now for the important bit, what goes into the emergency bag. The contents will vary from bride to bride, but the basics will be the same. Add or take away items so that your bag fits you and your specific wedding day needs. 


Emergency Bag Contents 

Let’s work our way from the top to the bottom. So, let’s start with hair. Throw extra bobby pins and hair ties into your wedding day emergency bag. Even if you have everyone’s hair professionally styled, pieces of hair can still fall, and once you’re on the dance floor, you or your bridal party might want to put your hair up. While we’re at it, include a small can of hair spray. I think that one is self-explanatory. 

Next up is the face and all the makeup that comes with it. Q-tips can be a lifesaver once you start sweating and your eyeliner starts running. Tissues are essential as well, both for makeup malfunctions and tears. Every woman knows to keep their lipstick close and their lip-gloss closer. Keep some in your bag with any other makeup you’ll need for touchups throughout the night. 

Now for the emergency bag items, you’ll need for your dress. Go to the store and get yourself a mini sewing kit. Make sure that white thread and safety pins are in the kit. Don’t let a small tear or a missing button ruin your photos. Add a stain stick, just in case you drop any food, or a guest gets too careless with the red wine.  

Other emergency bag items can include lint rollers, deodorant or antiperspirant, clear nail polish, super glue, and fashion tape. Antiperspirant is better than deodorant, so no one sweats through their dress. Clear nail polish is only essential if someone in the wedding party is wearing tights or pantyhose. The superglue will come in handy if anyone breaks a heel or nail. Finally, it would help if you used the fashion tape whether or not there is an emergency. Use it to keep your straps and necklaces exactly where you want them. You’ll thank me when you see your wedding photos. 


There are two health-related items that I think should be in every single wedding day emergency kit. Number one is a mini first aid kit. Include Band-Aids and things to prevent or treat blisters. It only takes an hour for a blister to start forming. The second item is menstrual products. Stress can impact your cycle, and your wedding day is not the time to be caught off guard. When it comes to your period, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Finally, other miscellaneous items that should make it into your emergency bag are snacks, water bottles, and a few phone chargers. Wedding days are long, drawn-out events for the bride, groom, and the wedding party. Snacks and water will help you make it through physically, and phone chargers will help you mentally. Phones will be dying left and right while people take photos, scroll through social media while waiting to get their makeup done, and play music to get everyone excited. Phone chargers are a must-have. 


Emergency Basket For Guests 

While you’re the star of the show, all of your guests are getting dressed up to celebrate you and your marriage. A simple way to show them how grateful you are that they came is with a guest emergency basket. They’re easy to make before your reception, and you can leave one in every bathroom. Your guests will be able to take whatever they need so they can feel confident on the dance floor. 

A lot of the items are the same as ones that will be in your own emergency bag. The bag and baskets’ overlap makes buying these items more manageable and sometimes cheaper because you can buy in bulk. Items like bobby pins, safety pins, lint rollers, and menstrual products typically come in packs. Buy one package and split it up between your bag and the baskets. 

If you’re feeling generous, consider including a sewing kit in your guest’s emergency basket. They could have wardrobe malfunctions too! If you don’t want to go for the full kit, I don’t blame you. Just make sure to add a bottle of clear nail polish. It will temporarily fix the most common outfit problems. 


While you probably won’t need a whole first aid kit in the bathroom, Band-Aids are a good addition. Blisters always seem to be the unwelcomed guest at weddings, and a Band-Aid can help soothe the pain for the night. 

Lastly, add some items that will make your guests feel and smell good. A bag of mints at the dollar tree will go a long way, especially if you have a lot of garlic in your dinner options. Lotion, perfume, and hair spray are also useful to include. It’s about keeping your guests happy and your dance floor smelling like roses. 


You’re All Set

Get out there and make your wedding day the best it can be. It’s better to have something and not need it. With this guide on wedding day emergency kits and guest emergency baskets, you and everyone else attending your wedding will have the best night of their lives. 

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