Wedding Budget Saving Tips

Wedding Budget Saving Tips If you could describe a wedding in three words, what would they be?  If you’ve never had a wedding of your own, then let me take the words right out of your mouth. Beautiful. Elegant. Fun. Yeah, yeah, I get it, being a guest is the frickin’ best because unless you’re the bride or groom, you didn’t pay for anything. You went all dolled up, ate a filet mignon steak with a...

Things You Never Thought to Take Care of After the Big Day

After you’re married you might think that your to-do list is finally finished, right? No more planning meetings or last-minute fittings that clutter up your schedule. Well, sorry to break it to you, but you’re not off the hook just yet. In fact, there are a lot of time-sensitive tasks you should plan on taking care of pretty soon after the big day. So snap out of your marital bliss fog and take...

I Love It When You Talk Budget To Me, Baby

Remember that wedding vow. The one that went, I, take you, for richer or poorer. If you’re a bit hazy on how to get started on this one, we’ve got you covered. Consider the start of financial planning to be much like the early stages of planning a wedding. Use your resources and start discussing your obligations early on. Work with people who share your vision so the two of you feel secure and...

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