What our Favorite TV Couples Have Taught Us about Marriage

You know that feeling when you’re Netflix & chilling and suddenly you realize that one of your favorite small screen couples is totally you and your spouse? You’re definitely not alone. It’s basically a sitcom’s job to give us relatable martial role models living out real-life scenarios mixed with a perfect portion of comedy, drama, and sometimes all-too-real sorrow (we’re looking at you, This is Us).

So move over, Gary Chapman; while we’ll we respect your love languages, these TV couples have taught us basically everything we need to know about how to navigate marriage.

Red and Kitty Forman: Snark can be a love language.

There’s no question that Red and Kitty are a decidedly devoted duo, but we’re not here to talk about the warm and fuzzies. The best thing about this couple’s marriage is their shared love for sarcasm and snark. While the wit and banter is often aimed at their grown children, they also use it to keep each other in check. We all aim to be in relationships where finishing each other’s sentences and Red and Kitty can surely do that:

Chandler and Monica Bing: Know when to grow up & when to stay silly.

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to forget all your silly shenanigans. We love Monica and Chandler because they’re both quirky individuals who love to have fun (even self-proclaimed control freak Monica has “The Routine”). There’s a time to grow up (like when Chandler is afraid of commitment) and there’s a time to be silly (like when it comes to cheering up your spouse by putting a turkey on your head). The best marriages find themselves with the perfect balance of silly and steadfast. We think Monica and Chandler nail it.

Derek Shepherd & Meredith Grey: Sometimes, you don’t need all the wedding hoopla.

Some people (not this writer) were upset when Derek and Meredith wrote their vows on a post-it note in the elevator of the hospital for their wedding. However, we love how non-traditional it was. It’s primetime television on a medical drama where the two main characters are finally getting together. They could’ve scripted the big wedding, but this moment was sweet and stayed true to the characters’ values. Sometimes, all the wedding hoopla just isn’t right for the couple and that’s okay!

Cam and Mitchell Pritchett: Embrace your partner’s weirdness.

Let’s get this out of the way first: if Cam and Mitchell aren’t your favorite couple on Modern Family, you’re wrong. They are an “opposites attract” match in the funniest way. Take, for example, Cam’s beloved clown act, Fizbo. Even though Mitchell gets a little embarrassed when Fizbo appears, he always ends up embracing his partner’s weirdness and accepts their personality differences, knowing that it makes them stronger as a couple. Each episode, these two teach us that if you can accept and celebrate your partner at their weirdest, you’re definitely in it for the long haul.

Peggy Olson and Stan Rizzo: Challenge each other. Be friends first.

Mad Men was rife with terrible relationships (especially if the man in that relationship was named Don), but there was one glimmer of hope in the series: Peggy and Stan. Everyone knew that they belonged together long before they realized it. Why? Because they were enemy colleagues, then supportive friends, then best friends who fought with–and for–each other. They’re not afraid to call each other out and not afraid to hurt each other’s feelings if it makes the other better. While we’re not suggesting your relationship won’t work unless you endured years of verbal sparring at a shared office, we love when marriages grow from friendships. Like Peggy and Stan, some couples realize they’ve grown up to be exactly who the other needs. Cue the awwwws.


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