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Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts In our last article, we talked about throwing an incredible Valentine’s Day party, and I’m sure if you read that article, then your Valentine’s day party was the talk of the town. Now, while your local Target is probably overfilled with human-sized teddy bears at the moment, there’s always something about homemade gifts that hold more sentimental meaning to what...

Classic Wedding Movies To Watch

Father of the Bride It may be the happiest day of YOUR life, but this 1991 Rom-Com with Steve Martin just goes to show you what every parent has to go through on their baby girl’s big day. Get ready to cry, laugh,  and call up your folks to let them know just how much you genuinely love them. My Best Friend’s Wedding Remember when you were younger, and you convinced your best friend that if...

Celeb Couples Who Are Totally Nailing this Marriage Thing

From fashion and beauty tips, to the latest dreaded diet that you’ll never actually follow, celebrities give us a ton of reasons to swoon over their rich and famous lifestyles. Unfortunately when it comes to luck in love, Hollywood’s divorce rate is higher than Sofia Vergara’s wedding cake. Celebrities aren’t often known for things like commitment, loyalty, and growing old together (or growing...

What our Favorite TV Couples Have Taught Us about Marriage

You know that feeling when you’re Netflix & chilling and suddenly you realize that one of your favorite small screen couples is totally you and your spouse? You’re definitely not alone. It’s basically a sitcom’s job to give us relatable martial role models living out real-life scenarios mixed with a perfect portion of comedy, drama, and sometimes all-too-real sorrow (we’re looking at you...

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