Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

In our last article, we talked about throwing an incredible Valentine’s Day party, and I’m sure if you read that article, then your Valentine’s day party was the talk of the town. Now, while your local Target is probably overfilled with human-sized teddy bears at the moment, there’s always something about homemade gifts that hold more sentimental meaning to what love truly is. To save you time and trouble, we have picked a few simple ideas that will have your partner smiling from ear to ear.


Valentine’s Day Mason Jar

“I am obsessed with Mason jars!” says the stay at home mom who spends hours scrolling through Pinterest every day. Let me tell you why Mason jars are the absolute best.

  •     You can use them to plant herbs
  •     Great for smoothies and juices
  •     Toothbrush/pencil/twine/buttons holder
  •     Prep salad in them and take them to go
  •     Overnight oats or puddings

The list is endless! For Valentine’s Day, here’s how you can benefit from a mason jar: 

  • Fill it to the brink with candy hearts, and you can use either a boutique of fake or real flowers. Your call.
  • Handpick your loved one’s favorite chocolates and cut out paper hearts with sweet messages on them. You can choose to paint the jar pink or wrap it with a red glitter ribbon.
  • Valentine’s Day goodies! This includes heart-shaped cookies, pink/red macaroons, sugar cookie hearts, Hershey’s Kisses, conversation heart cookies.
  • Fill the jar of notes on why you love this person. Design the outside of the box with glitter, hearts, and both your initials. Anytime your loved one feels down; they can open a note and remember how much they’re loved.



Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

Even though bath bombs have been a thing since the 1990s, they only gained popularity in early 2018. After they blew up, I felt like they dominated the cosmetics industry. People were making bath bombs left and right. There was so many shapes, colors, and scents to pick from that you would have thought at this point, I would have tried one.

Creating your own bath bombs at home is an incredibly simple task. You can find the steps here and get creative! You can make them heart-shaped, cupcake shaped, and even in the shape of lips. You can literally find the mold for anything on Amazon. You can present them in a mason jar (obvi) or any acceptable container you have on hand!

If you’re planning on creating this gift for your partner, always remember bathtubs are fit for two (wink, wink).


Scavenger Hunt

I know what you’re thinking. Who has the frikin’ time to create a scavenger hunt?

The answer is me, always me. I’m adding this to the list because it was my gift to my husband last year and he thoroughly loved it! If your loved one is a fan of riddles and finding things, this one’s for you, too! Every puzzle and hint was kept within the house, so it didn’t take long. I kept them short, simple, and sexy.

The last clue-which was really more of an answer-led him to a hotel where I had rented a room for the night. Rose petals everywhere, lavender scented candles, a steak dinner, a bottle of bubbly, a sexy film (Secretary), and err, that’s it.

Now I’m just waiting for someone to hand me the “Best Wife” award. Should be any minute now.


Homemade Cake with Message

Do you love to bake? Does your house always smell like the holidays because of the cinnamon buns you’ve been baking? Do your neighbors continuously ask you for your recipes because your pecan chocolate chip cookies are the best damn thing they’ve ever tasted?

Then I want YOU to bake a cake with a loving message this Valentine’s Day. You know the phrase “The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Yeah, well, I’m here to tell you that the quickest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach because food is fantastic and clearly essential to our survival. I just never understood how they made something as simple as food about men.

Moving on. If you’ve got a message for your loved one, then grab that frosting and get to writing. Then enjoy with a glass of red wine while cuddled under a blanket watching Pretty Woman.


You + Me on a Tree

Click here for a visual. When I first stumbled upon Jamie’s DIY, I immediately thought “What the-,” because never in a million years would I have thought to use leftover firewood to make a memorable gift.

Did I believe it would be difficult? Most definitely. Was it? Nope. But it does require you to be patient and careful since you will be using a utility knife and woodburning tool.

The result is rustic, romantic, memorable, and a great addition to any room.

See? There are just a few ideas to get those wheels in your head turning. All simple, all significant, all made with love and appreciation. Regardless of what you choose to make, always remember that at the end of the day, the perfect gift is you being there for your loved ones.

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