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The Importance of Having the Same Surname as Your Kids

These days, more and more women are deciding to keep their maiden name. While each one has their reason, a few that make the top of the list are: Maintaining your independency It’s your professional identity Partner’s surname sucks Being too lazy One of my girlfriends kept her maiden name because changing it meant having to give in to the norms of society and it made her feel like she was being...


In 2016, Lisa & Rebecca started a podcast called The Secret Life of Weddings. On a mission to tell the world’s craziest wedding stories, the podcast is, in their own words, “full of alcohol and bad ideas.” The two real-life wedding photographers have spent 20+ years working in the industry and love dishing out on some unbelievable yet hysterical wedding drama. If you’re engaged, Lisa...

Wedding Budget Saving Tips

Wedding Budget Saving Tips If you could describe a wedding in three words, what would they be?  If you’ve never had a wedding of your own, then let me take the words right out of your mouth. Beautiful. Elegant. Fun. Yeah, yeah, I get it, being a guest is the frickin’ best because unless you’re the bride or groom, you didn’t pay for anything. You went all dolled up, ate a filet mignon steak with a...

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts In our last article, we talked about throwing an incredible Valentine’s Day party, and I’m sure if you read that article, then your Valentine’s day party was the talk of the town. Now, while your local Target is probably overfilled with human-sized teddy bears at the moment, there’s always something about homemade gifts that hold more sentimental meaning to what...

No Babysitter, No Babies Yet, Bucket List

We get it, you are busy, you are married now, settling in, learning how to compromise, (he wants Will Ferrell movies, you want “Will You Grow up” movies, that are actually called documentaries). You are splitting responsibilities, (you cook and not only do you have “your lists,” you have “our lists…” You have so many lists, even your lists have a list, but making a bucket list...

I Love It When You Talk Budget To Me, Baby

Remember that wedding vow. The one that went, I, take you, for richer or poorer. If you’re a bit hazy on how to get started on this one, we’ve got you covered. Consider the start of financial planning to be much like the early stages of planning a wedding. Use your resources and start discussing your obligations early on. Work with people who share your vision so the two of you feel secure and...

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