No Babysitter, No Babies Yet, Bucket List

We get it, you are busy, you are married now, settling in, learning how to compromise, (he wants Will Ferrell movies, you want “Will You Grow up” movies, that are actually called documentaries). You are splitting responsibilities, (you cook and not only do you have “your lists,” you have “our lists…” You have so many lists, even your lists have a list, but making a bucket list as a couple, sans children, is a list worth listing, even if having kids is number one on your “our list”.

Adding children to your list of “to dos” and actually adding children to your lives is a game changer, because, once they arrive your bucket list turns into something that rhymes with bucket, that starts with an “f” real quick…. Trust me!

You have little adorably delicious people who are dependent on you, who look up to you for guidance and modelled behavior. They demand your time, your energy, your sleep, your love, your focus, and your attention. And, these little deliciously needy people, decide, at some point, maybe, listed on one of their little to do lists, unbeknownst to you, out of the blue, to stop napping, and that was your only chance of your time. Good luck crossing off your dreams and aspirations, while they are awake.

You will soon be making decisions that cater to their needs, growth, enjoyment, and development and you would do anything for them, because you love them, more than life itself, and perhaps a little less than the best night’s sleep ever.

Enjoy your time together, as a married couple, without the responsibility of children, just as you should enjoy every stage of life, because it’s amazing how quickly life happens, changes, and believe me, I know at times it seems that your only purpose in this life is to pay bills and clean up after your spouse, and when you’re not doing the previously mentioned, go out and live a little, love a lot, do what you love, while you can!

This list isn’t by any means trying to sway you from settling down and starting a family , but rather a motivational list urging you to: Seek out adventure, conquer some conquests and enjoy your time together, before the time becomes 8:30 pm, and that’s way too late to start a movie at that hour…

Make out, and make love, in places you aren’t supposed to.

Learn a new skill, together, like surfing, or ballroom dancing.

Learn a new language together and then travel to that place where that language is spoken

Go to Vegas for a wild weekend, and bet it all on black 17, it’s not your kids’ tuition after all.

Go skinny dipping at night

Appreciate the small things

(which is a big one) sleeping in, waking up spooning, no one else in your bed sleeping between you, shower together, work out together, take walks together, watch a sunrise together, stay up late together.

Go on or to a couple only, no kids resort or cruise.

Take a BIG trip (Europe, Asia, safari in Africa)

Volunteer together on Christmas Day at your local food pantry or soup kitchen.


Blast music

regardless of the explicit lyrics, and or put on Howard Stern during your commute in your convertible with two doors, no room for car seats…

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