Vacation Spots You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer

The need to travel always seems more notable during the summer season. The kids are off of school, the days drag on, the weather is hotter, and everything just seems more tiring. Plus, if you are not keeping busy, then the words “I am bored” will forever be scarred in your brain.  The top picks for summer spots are endless! Really, there are thousands of places that are bound to help...

How to Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

Holy moly, can you guys believe we’re already in February? I swear just yesterday was New Year’s, and I was toasting to a more productive year, and here I am wondering what the hell happened to January. Well, in the words of Anthony G. Oettinger, “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.” Get it? One of the perks of growing old is finding anything and everything amusing. via GIPHY...

Adventurous Destinations for Adventurous Couples

No matter who you are or where you are in the world, seeing the world is a must. Other than expanding one’s horizon, traveling is important because it provides you with a better perspective on life, on how other people are living. You get the chance to see new things, change your mindset, ideate, observe, and educate yourself on the place’s culture, food, people, and history.  Are you...

No Babysitter, No Babies Yet, Bucket List

We get it, you are busy, you are married now, settling in, learning how to compromise, (he wants Will Ferrell movies, you want “Will You Grow up” movies, that are actually called documentaries). You are splitting responsibilities, (you cook and not only do you have “your lists,” you have “our lists…” You have so many lists, even your lists have a list, but making a bucket list...

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