Best Ways to Celebrate a Birthday as You Get Older 

Remember when you were a kid, and birthdays were something you always looked forward to? Why not, considering the cake, presents and all your friends from school would show up. Plus, there was always a pinata full of Snickers and Twix bars. 

I remember being excited about birthdays until I became a teenager because after that, I just wanted to go out with friends and get away from my parents as much as possible. Yes, I regret it, and I know I’m not the only one. My early twenties consisted of college parties and birthdays were spent in bars getting wasted with friends and crashing at someone’s house. 


Oh, how times have changed. It’s incredible what a serious relationship and a baby can do to a person’s life because after the age of 23, I started to take shit seriously. It’s true; you’re not getting any younger, so if there’s a perfect time to re-examine your health status, your goals, and your future, it is now.

 Hey, that doesn’t mean we can forget about our birthdays entirely. We can still have a grand time with friends and family, but with less drinking… because hangovers nowadays feel like I’ve been running into a brick wall repeatedly and on purpose.  

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your special day.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Weekend/Hunting Trip 

I have a little girl who is not only super hyper but loathes naps with every fiber of her being. Those rare moments she does decide to go down for an hour, you better believe I’m going down with her. 

So if you’re like me and a one hour nap excites you, then why not extend a nap to a whole frikin’ weekend? I’m talking manis, pedis, mud baths, full body massage, peel off masks, and a little pool filled with chamomile milk ready for my tired soul and me to dip in. 


While you can invite a few friends to join you, contemplate going alone on your birthday so you can reap the full benefits of the relaxation process. You can see your friends any other weekend of the year. I once sought to take my husband for his birthday, but he’s not the relaxing type, so instead, he headed to a shooting range to celebrate. 

Which is great! Some men have their own way of celebrating, and shooting ranges, cigar bars, and hunting trips are just a few of them. 

Have Dessert for Every Meal of the Day 

What do you want breakfast? Not two sunny side up eggs on avocado toast, that’s for damn sure. It’s party time; I’ll have my cake and eat it too! See what I did there? 

For lunch, I’m having two slices of Reese’s cheesecake, and for dinner, I will be having a lava cake the size of my face because it’s my birthday and I can. I get this one day a year! 


The other 364 days, I’m striving to eat healthily and workout as much as possible because hello, I am aging horribly. Not going to lie, I’m not where I want to be body-wise. So if you see me with a mouth full of carrot cake with icing smeared at the corner of my lips,  chin, and the tip of my nose, please leave me alone. Just because we’re getting older does not mean we shouldn’t give our inner two-years-old a chance to come out every now and then. 

Go on a Shopping Spree (No Holding Back)

In the words of Ariana Grande, “I want it, I got it.” And indeed you should get it. Today, at least. 

Now, I’m not saying you should go out there and spend two grand on a new wardrobe. No holding back means if you’ve had your eye on something and you’ve wanted it for a while, this is the day to treat yo self. Whether it’s a new dress, running shoes, the latest headphones, or a pricey bag you can’t stop thinking about! Treat yo self


Keep in mind how hard you’ve been working this past year, you deserve to brighten up your own day! We don’t receive presents like we used to, so get out that Amex card and get to receiving.

Fancy Dinner with Your BFF

These days, it seems like everyone you used to party with is now either your co-workers or live halfway across the world. People move on when the post-adolescence stage is over, and it’s time to grow up. 

Birthday dinners are amazing when it’s just you and someone you’re very close to. It could be your partner, your friends, and even your parents. I used to take my partner to Outback Steakhouse for my birthday dinners, but now, I enjoy it better alone. 


As time passes, you realize you need time alone and time away from people to recharge, and that includes your loved ones. So whether it’s a fancy dinner at a five-star restaurant or a homemade dinner, make sure you end your birthday with a delicious meal. 

Netflix, Wine, and Take-out

That’s it. That’s literally it. 

Turn on Netflix, pop open a bottle of wine, and order takeout. For some people, this is an average day, but for others such as myself, this is a miracle. It always feels like you’re never done with housework, schoolwork, or regular work that something as simple as this is the perfect way to celebrate. 

Hell, if you want, hang up some streamers and put on your party hat. Celebrate how you’re another year closer to your goals, how you’re more experienced, how proud you are of yourself for not losing your shit despite everything that has happened this past year. Celebrate you alone. 


I’ve always hated those arrows people hang in their homes with the words “Live, Love, Laugh,” and I still do, but what better advice than to genuinely live, love, laugh, and enjoy another year learning and growing. 


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