Underrated Registry Items No One Thinks of

Ah, the wedding registry. It started as a tradition to inform your guests which kitchen appliances you desire or if you prefer China over crystal. Thanks to the never-ending advancement of technology, you no longer have to stroll through a Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a scanner and unraveling indecisiveness. 

Yes, you now have several places that not only offer the appliances you need but also websites such as Present Value and Honey Fund that allow your guests to send you money instead of writing checks. I mean, come on, it’s 2020, who even writes checks anymore?

Your possibilities are endless, so settling for traditional is a thing of the past. Without further ado, I present to you registry items that are absolute lifesavers, and no one thinks of getting. 

For The Kitchen 

Yes, the kitchen is the priority, don’t start judging unless you’re crazy obsessed with becoming a chef like moi. Kitchen appliances are expensive, and for what? So I can spiralize zucchini and pretend like it’s a tastier alternative to the pasta family? I don’t think so. This is your chance to invest in appliances and have other people buy it for you. Hey, it’s how it works. 

Air Fryer: Ah, yes, another alternative to using less oil and getting (almost) the same results as actual deep frying. The air fryer was all the rage when it first made an appearance, and you probably can find one in every American household. If you’re like me and love your food fried, this option is less mess, less oil, and a great addition to  a healthier lifestyle. 


Oh, and everyone that comes over will ask you if it was worth it, and you’ll proceed to brag about how your children or husband “can’t even tell the difference”. Win-win. 

Ginsu Chikara Forged Knives: You’re probably wondering, why these specific knives? To be honest with you- they are Amazon’s Choice, on sale, and have high ratings and praises in the comments. Also, everything else was incredibly expensive. Why are knives so expensive? you may ask.  I’m sure a three Michelin star chef somewhere has the answer (or Google), but don’t miss out on your chance to invest in high-quality knives that you don’t have to pay for. C’mon, you know these are important and will come in handy (haha, get it?).

For The Bathroom 

The little things matter. Even a room that may seem insignificant deserves the same care as the other rooms in your home!  Setting a specific theme in your bathroom is a great way to decide what needs to be put in it. Just do us a favor and don’t be one of those who put a scale in plain view…just don’t do it. It’s bound to ruin someone’s evening, I guarantee it. 

Wall Mirror: Imagine walking into someone’s bathroom, and they have this in their bathroom. Like hello, why aren’t more people doing this? As much as I love to check my face after a great session on the throne, I’d much rather check everything. This addition will not only complete your bathroom’s overall look but will also benefit your guests when they need to check themselves and need a full view. 


Plants: You’d think it’d be more common to see plants in the bathroom, considering every other room gets a damn plant, but just the opposite. Because of it’s low light, humid environment, there are several plants that actually thrive in this environment. You’ve seen the way they complete spaces! Either that or my Pinterest addiction is getting out of hand… 

For a list of bathroom plants, click here.

For The Living Room

More plants! Of course, this is another great room where plants should be present. But there are other priorities. I know what you’re thinking: what could be more important than plants? There is, my friend, and they will make a huge difference to how comfortable your guest feel when they come over. 

Comfortable Rug: A luxurious rug. Those plush, soft, “want to sink your whole body into them” rugs. Not the lightweight, dull, and bright colored rugs. If you were to tell me that I could only choose one person to survive the zombie apocalypse with, it’d be the person with this rug. 


Wall Art: More specifically, a piece of art that tells a story you’re fond of. What a great conversation starter, right? This adds an artist aspect to the room, but it’d be personal to you, as well. And it would help if you always had something personal or unique to you (the host) for others to see. This includes pictures of the family or a university degree you’re proud to show off. 

For The Bedroom  

I’m going to admit something, and it’s not pretty, but it needs to be said. For a considerable chunk of my adult life, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what was in my bedroom, how it was arranged, the wall color, the carpet…it just never made sense to me. 

Then I finally owned a home, and it all came crashing down. There is a difference between sky blue and baby blue, and hey, it may be useless to know in the long run, but there will be a moment you’ll need that bit of knowledge, and you’ll wish you had listened to me. 

White Noise Machine: A little background noise never hurt, am I right? People are always skeptical when it comes to white noise. Does it really work? According to a study conducted by Science Direct, they found that hospital patients fell asleep more soundly with white noise than others that didn’t. At the end of the day, you’re positively exhausted, and if science says it works, who are we to question it?


Blackout Curtains: “Blackout curtains have three main functions: Block light, block noise, reduce energy costs.” After reading this one line off of How Stuff Works, I was hooked. If you or your partner work during the day, then trust that these are a fantastic investment. Astonishingly, more people don’t own these since they’ve been proven to help you sleep, and twenty-five percent of Americans have insomnia (Science Daily). 


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