Wedding Trends In 2021

The 2020 pandemic changed weddings as we know them, and honestly, I don’t think that’s a bad thing! It’s about time weddings had a major update. Hopefully, these 2021 wedding trends are here to stay. It’s time for lowkey and intimate weddings to become the norm. 


Lowkey Weddings

Due to the pandemic’s new regulations, couples are opting for smaller and more intimate weddings. COVID put things into perspective for a lot of people. The couple is only inviting the people that are closest to them. If it’s a choice between a big flashy wedding or having your loved ones there, the loved ones win every time.

Some of these lowkey weddings are even being called “micro weddings.” The smaller guest list actually allows you to do more at your wedding. It gives you an opportunity to get more of what you want. If you’re paying for fewer people, you might be able to afford a photo booth or another luxury you cut out of your budget. 

With a smaller number of people, you can also do more for each individual guest to make them feel special and welcomed. Wedding boxes or gift bags are a great example of this. They’re filled with comfort items like socks and candles as well as necessary items like Advil and a water bottle. They’re adorable and a fantastic way to thank your guests for coming, especially if they had to travel a long distance. 

If you’re super particular about your wedding’s aesthetic, I don’t blame you if you are, a smaller guest list will also allow you to set a specific dress code. Ask your guests to dress in your wedding colors or in all black. Doing this can give you, your partner, and your bridal party a chance to stand out from the crowd. This can be really helpful, especially in group photos. 




While a lowkey or micro wedding allows you to focus more on your guests, eloping will help you focus more on yourselves as a couple. We’ve been seeing a lot of people saying bye-bye to mainstream weddings in 2021 and getting eloped instead. There are several reasons for this influx of elopements. 

The first is obvious. Because of COVID, couples want to keep their ceremonies private and socially distanced. Getting married now allows them to have all the benefits of being married while saving the opportunity to party at a later date; that’s post-COVID.

Some of these elopements have been live-streamed or recorded for anyone who wasn’t invited or couldn’t make it. This is a beautiful idea because then you can have your wedding on the top of a mountain or another unique location, and everyone would still be able to be a part of the experience. 

Sequel weddings have also followed elopements. We saw a lot of sequel weddings in 2020, and they are continuing into 2021. The first wedding is generally small, like an elopement or a backyard wedding. Then the second, or sequel, the wedding is the big main event held at a later date. I love when couples elope and then have their sequel wedding on their first anniversary. It’s such a special way to celebrate your first year as a married couple. 







Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly weddings are super in this year, and I don’t see this trend going away any time soon. Being eco-friendly can come in several different forms, especially when it comes to a wedding, but here are some easy ways to be kind to the environment on your wedding day. 

Digital invitations are a great start, and they can be really beneficial for the couple. Digital invitations mean digital RSVPs. You won’t have to worry about someone forgetting their name on the RSVP card or losing the invitation altogether. It will be on their computer or cell phone until the wedding is over.

Any favors you have out can also be eco friendly, or you can choose to support a small business. I’m sure you can find a way to do both! If you decide to do paper invitations or place cards, you can use recycled paper. It’s good for the planet, and the aesthetic is incredible. Finally, don’t throw rice or non-compostable things. Throw biodegradable confetti or birdseed! It’ll still look good in photos, but it won’t hurt the local ecosystem. 


The Décor

This year’s décor trends are quite different from one another, but they are still both so beautiful. I’m glad they’re so different because that means you will be able to stay on-trend no matter what your style is. 

First, greenery is here, and it’s here to stay. Brides who are going down this path are staying away from bright colors or any color at all. The lush greens are being paired with whites, creams, and neutral colors. We’re seeing twinkle lights and other intentional lighting designs being used to emphasize the greenery. 

The other trend is the exact opposite. Couples are using bold and bright colors to bring their wedding to life. Big blocks of color allow for the bride to stand out in her white dress. Living room items, like lux couches and chairs, are being used as photo props to create a more elevated look. At the end of the day, it’s all about the vibe you’re going for. 










The Dress

Finally, dresses in 2021 are following the informal trend. Comfortable boho dresses have been flying off the racks. These dresses might look informal at a glance, but the lace details and embroidery take these dresses to a new level.

Sleeves are also a heavy hitter this year. It doesn’t matter if the sleeves are fabric or lace. They are going to be beaded and detailed. The designs on these sleeves are no joke. They complete the entire dress. 

No matter what path you decide to take when planning your wedding, just remember that you can’t go wrong. It’s your style, your aesthetic, and your wedding. If you want bold colors, do it! If you want every single one of your guests to dress in white so you can wear the black wedding dress of your dreams, do that too. Wedding trends in 2021 are all about what the couple wants, so make sure you follow the trend and have the wedding of your dreams.

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