Winter can often be the most sophisticated and romantic season to wed in. When one thinks of a winter wedding, soft falling snow, candlelight, and closeness all come to mind. With that being said, the colder weather can bring with it some event challenges. However, with some simple preparation and tips and tricks, you can ensure your day goes smoothly and embraces all the charm of winter while avoiding any obstacles it brings. In this list, we will go over those must-haves for a perfect winter wedding day.


For the brisk weather, the bride should consider adding a formal coat or shawl to wear over her dress. Whether she wears it simply to keep warm in between venue locations, or as a statement in her photos, this piece will be a must have in lower temperatures. This accent piece comes in many different styles. For a more glam look, a bride could choose a faux feather or faux fur shawl. For a delicate bride, a knitted or crocheted shawl is perfect to keep warm. An even warmer choice could be a bridal trench coat. Be sure to pick a style that suits your day while protecting you from the cold.


In winter, the sun sets earlier than during the rest of the year, in some months as early as 4:30pm, and that can present some challenges for wedding photos. Depending on the time of your ceremony, you may want to consider taking bridal party photos before the ceremony or scheduling it for earlier in the day to make the most of the daylight. 

Ask your photographer about when golden hour, the prime time for taking photos in the best light, will fall on your winter day. Photos are for many couples a very important takeaway of their wedding and will hold memories for years to come, so it is crucial to plan ahead to ensure you are able to get all the photos you’d need.


Depending on your location, weather can be a major obstacle for travel for both you and your guests. You may want to avoid a more remote location or one that requires going off road, in the event there could be snow or ice preventing safe transportation to and from the venue. You could choose to have a destination wedding, and venture a little farther to someplace warmer. Or, simply choose a venue closer to town and where it is easily accessible by roads. 


Another wardrobe tip for both the bride and groom is to plan to have weather-appropriate footwear. You could either choose to wear a more sturdy shoe, without sacrificing style, for the entirety of the day, or at least bring an extra pair as a backup. If there is any chance you will go trekking out onto ice or snow, or even just wet ground, you will definitely want something other than heels and dress shoes. 


For a wedding day that holds some of the festivities or events outside or exposed to the winter air, blankets or hand warmers are an essential for your guests. Have a decorative display indicating to the guests to pick up a blanket to keep warm, and they will surely be grateful. Not only that, but bundled up guests will make for adorable photos and memories. 

For a more practical approach and if blankets aren’t formal enough, supply your guests with hand warmers instead.


For any part of the event that is planned to be outdoors, whether that be the ceremony, the photos, or the reception, consider having a back-up plan. Winter weather can be unpredictable, and while a soft snowfall is beautiful and nondisruptive, a snowstorm would not be. Be sure to have somewhere indoors to hold your events just in case the weather or temperatures are no longer manageable for you or your guests.

In addition, consider the potential of power loss, and perhaps choose a venue with a generator if this is a concern for you. Lastly, have a backup plan for traveling guests. Serious weather can postpone or prohibit guests from flying or driving to your destination. For this, consider live streaming your day in the event some guests cannot make it. 


This one is simply a bonus, but a hot chocolate bar would be a fun way for your guests to keep warm on your wedding day. Display it with different flavors and toppings, such as whip cream, chocolate chips, and peppermints. This is also a family friendly drink option in addition to signature cocktails. A sweet and cozy drink is sure to warm everybody up during a brisk winter day.


After going through this list and making the proper preparations, being sure to plan for any possible scenario that winter weather can bring, you’ll want to then trust in those plans and enjoy your day. Once every backup plan is in place, let go of any unnecessary stress. What is most important is that you are getting married to your future life partner amongst all your loved ones. With that in perspective, everything else will fall into place.








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