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Happy New Year! While December tends to be a month of reflection for many, January is often seen as a time to start again – and this year is no different! Now that we’ve rung in 2023 and packed up our holiday décor, it’s time to focus on New Year’s resolutions and goals. A good way to enhance that focus is to create a vision board. 

A vision board is a project that helps its creator visualize different things they want to achieve. Making a vision board is a wonderful way to take time and really think out your goals, including why and how you want to achieve them. If you are wondering what you would put on your vision board, think about something you want to do differently this year. For example, if one of your goals is to eat healthier meals, you can gather photos of some of your favorite healthy meals and research a few that you are excited to try and include those as well!

Vision boards can be physical or digital creations. So, whether you prefer sitting down with some magazines and glue or want something you can save on your computer, there is an option for you! Make sure to set aside a good hour or two and queue up an upbeat playlist for this project. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide on how to make a vision board for 2023.

Steps for How to Make a Vision Board:

1. Visualize



Now you’ve decided to make a vision board, the first step (believe it or not) is to visualize! You’ve possibly done a bit of this already if you have discussed New Year’s resolutions with friends and family. Think about what an ideal 2023 looks like for you. Are you traveling a lot? Exercising? Spending more time with loved ones? Giving it your all at work? Once you have a good visual of what you want the year to look like, it’s time to move forward.

2. Create a List of Resolutions and Goals

Once you know what you want your year to look like, it’s time to think about what you need to do to get there. Create a list of resolutions and goals for 2023 and think about seeing them through. What will it take to achieve your goals? Think about why you want to achieve your goals and make sure that you are passionate about them because that is the best way to ensure you will follow through on them. 

Make a timeline and try to be realistic about it. If you tend to give up on your New Year’s resolutions after a few weeks, think about how and why this year is going to be different. If you haven’t already decided between a physical and a digital board, now is a great time to make that decision.

3. Pick Out Inspiring Photos

After you have thought out your 2023 resolutions and goals, it’s time for the fun part: picking out inspiring photos! If you are creating a physical vision board, this can mean flipping through your magazine collection in search of perfect images for your board. If you are making a digital vision board, it’s time to search online. 

If you have your own photos to contribute, whether physical or digital, even better. If your goal is to travel more this year, what’s more inspiring than a stellar photo you took on your favorite trip? Pick out all your desired photos and set them aside for now.

4. Write Some Helpful AffirmationS

Without some helpful affirmations, your vision board can seem more like a collage. Affirmations are positive declarations that can provide you with reassurance as you work toward your goals. Your affirmations will motivate you to continue the path toward what you strive to achieve, so it’s important not to skip this step! If you don’t know where to start, hop online and search for positive affirmations. 

You will find a ton of common and inspiring affirmations, such as “I am grateful for everything I have in life” or “I am not defined by my past; I am driven by my future.” Save the ones that inspire and resonate with you the most to include on your vision board.

5. Put It All Together

At this point, you will have visualized your 2023, created a list of resolutions and goals, picked out photos, and decided on some positive affirmations. It’s time to put it all together in your preferred form. Layer your images and affirmations together with your goals to create your masterpiece. 

If you decide on a physical vision board, display it somewhere you will see often. If you decide on a digital vision board, make sure to save it somewhere easy to find and consider using it as your computer’s desktop background so that you will see it often.

Whether you choose a physical or digital board, you will create an inspiring and creative piece that will provide motivation and a positive outlook throughout this year. Best of luck in achieving all your goals in 2023!


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