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In 2016, Lisa & Rebecca started a podcast called The Secret Life of Weddings. On a mission to tell the world’s craziest wedding stories, the podcast is, in their own words, “full of alcohol and bad ideas.” The two real-life wedding photographers have spent 20+ years working in the industry and love dishing out on some unbelievable yet hysterical wedding drama. If you’re engaged, Lisa...

Why You Should Consider Taking Your Partner’s Last Name?

Marriage is one hell of a ride. There are numerous things to consider before getting married. Since medieval times, a woman taking her husband’s last name was understandable, no question about it. Luckily for us, those days of patriarchy are over (kinda) and changing your last name is now an independent choice! And let’s face it, the world has changed. Same-sex marriage is legal now, more women...

Color Me Green! St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Saint Patrick’s Day. A day where everyone is seen wearing a green shirt with the quote “Kiss Me I’m Irish.” Unless you’re a six-year-old, then you’ve just been coloring in leprechauns and making pots of gold out of construction paper. Do you think those people actually know the history behind St. Paddy’s Day or is it just an excuse to get totally sh*t faced? I mean, it was the...

Wedding Budget Saving Tips

Wedding Budget Saving Tips If you could describe a wedding in three words, what would they be?  If you’ve never had a wedding of your own, then let me take the words right out of your mouth. Beautiful. Elegant. Fun. Yeah, yeah, I get it, being a guest is the frickin’ best because unless you’re the bride or groom, you didn’t pay for anything. You went all dolled up, ate a filet mignon steak with a...

First Things First: What To Do When You Get Engaged

You’re engaged! *Cue confetti* The question has been popped, your dream ring is on your hand and you might be so overwhelmed with emotions you don’t know where to begin. First, let it sink in that you’re marrying the love of your life and take a moment to celebrate! If you’re feeling anxious to start planning (but don’t know where to start) you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what your first...

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HitchSwitch was born of an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make life easier. HitchSwitch founder Jake Wolff was in his first year at Fordham Law School, where he toyed with the idea of starting a business and hoped to experience his “Eureka!” moment.
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