How To Keep Your Kids Focused On Virtual Learning

The pandemic has been brutal on everyone, but it’s been the hardest on the children. Kids need a stimulating and structured environment to thrive in an educational setting, and they have not been given that setting in over a year now. While they’re great at adapting, staying focused on virtual learning will always be difficult.  Now that an entire year of virtual learning has passed, teachers and...

8 Creative (+ Romantic) Indoor Dates

With everyone around the world still on lockdown, couples everywhere are forced to make the best out of their situation while staying indoors. Many are celebrating their anniversaries from the comfort of their couch, and others have brought out their creative side to keep the romance sparkling.  Believe it or not, indoor dates with your partner are a great way to reconnect on a more intimate...

Need to Postpone a Wedding? 

Here’s How It’s safe to say so far; this year’s been a bust. The whole world has shut down due to the Coronavirus’s rapid spread. It’s a frightening time for all of us as the majority of us under quarantine sit and wait for a vaccine. The outcome of this pandemic has done irreversible damage! Significant events from all over the globe have been canceled or postponed...

COVID-19 Daily Schedule for Children

It’s safe to say none of us are having the year we were anticipating. Pandemic and quarantine are two words I never thought I’d hear in my lifetime, but here we are. With the Coronavirus hastily spreading over several regions, many states are calling for their residents to stay indoors, desensitize constantly, and limit physical contact. Establishments-including schools- have been ordered to...

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