So, your first holiday as a newly married couple is approaching and you may be starting to search for the perfect gift to commemorate this day. Even though you have celebrated together before, the first holiday together after marriage is something special. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the sentimental spouse, or perhaps seeking ideas that may have been left off your registry, we’ve...

The Best And Worst Holiday Gifts To Give This Year

This year the holiday season is going to feel very different. A lot has changed in the past year, so it stands to reason that holiday gifts have changed too. Here’s a rundown on the best and worst gifts to give somebody in 2020.   The Best Some holiday gifts are always loved and appreciated. If you gift an item from this part of the list, you won’t go wrong. They are guaranteed to make the...

Color Me Green! St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Saint Patrick’s Day. A day where everyone is seen wearing a green shirt with the quote “Kiss Me I’m Irish.” Unless you’re a six-year-old, then you’ve just been coloring in leprechauns and making pots of gold out of construction paper. Do you think those people actually know the history behind St. Paddy’s Day or is it just an excuse to get totally sh*t faced? I mean, it was the...

New Year’s Resolution?

Forget It. Can you guys believe the year is finally over? I say finally because while 2018 was overall a great year, I’m officially ready for a fresh start. I bought a gym membership a month early, and I did order a self-reflection journal off of Amazon that if I’m being honest, will probably never use. The thing about New Year’s is that when the clock strikes midnight, most people think it...

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