Feeling Brave? 

Here Are 5 Horror Films to Keep You up at Night If you’re a fan of horror films and watching movies where someone’s chopping another’s body like they’re short on meat for dinner, we cannot be friends. Fun fact about me: I got kicked out of the AMC for excessive screaming when watching Insidious. Excessive screaming. Isn’t that the point of these films?  I never like...

Movies to Keep an Eye Out for in 2020

Good God, it seemed like 2020 was NEVER coming, and if you’ve heard of all the movies that are releasing this year, then you know we’ve waited far too long! People, you know how long I’ve been waiting for Disney to make a Mulan live-action film? I’ve survived this long solely for that reason. Other than Mulan, Marvel’s Phase Four will kick off, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back with Bad...

Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

One of the downsides of growing up in Southern CA is that we didn’t get much rain. We would experience light showers, but it was never so intense so that we had to stay inside. My childhood consisted of several trips to Venice beach and so many Disneyland visits to the point where I got tired of it. Yes, the happiest place on earth became the most dreaded place on earth for me. It wasn’t...

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