Bridal Shower Gifts You’ve Never Thought Of

Bridal showers are a great way to let the bride take a break from all the wedding preparation, make her feel special and enjoy some time with her close friends and family.

For you, it also means another trip to Bloomingdale’s in pursuit of the perfect gift, or at least something someone else hasn’t already gotten her. Bridal shower gifts can get a little redundant and the last thing you want to do is get the bride something she doesn’t want/ already has.

Lucky for you, we created a list of unique ideas for bridal shower gifts the bride is guaranteed to love.  

1. Mixology Class:

Give the gift of a great date night for the soon to be newlyweds! Planning a wedding is a stressful time, but these classes offer a fun and interactive evening full of mixing up delicious cocktails that also gives the couple a chance to work together as a team.

2. Venus Et Fleur:

Not your average floral arrangement, Venus Et Fleur are luxury boxed roses that can last for over a year. This special gift is most definitely insta-worthy, and their stunning appearance will leave a lasting impression that stays with the bride well past her wedding day.

3. William Sonoma Newlywed Cookbook:

If the couple only has one cookbook in their kitchen, this is the one they need to have. The book includes recipes for both seasoned chefs or those just starting out and is the perfect excuse for the bride to get her soon-to-be husband a little more involved in the kitchen. 

4. A Hitchswitch Name Change gift card:

Hitchswitch is the nation’s leading online and mobile name change service for newlyweds. HitchSwitch is here to make the name change process as easy as it was to say “I Do”. Now that’s a gift they will remember!

5. Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase:

You can never go wrong with bouquets and bubbly. This personalized gift is made from an upcycled champagne bottle with a label that can be customized to include the couple’s names, wedding date and location. The perfect keepsake to toast the occasion for years to come.  

6. Subscription Service:

What’s better than getting the bride one gift? Getting her a new gift delivered every month! A subscription service that comes full of her favorite essentials to help her with wedding planning, or just to put a smile on her face is the perfect gift to help the bride get through all of the craziness that lies ahead. Here are a few examples that are great for the bride-to-be:

  1. The Bride Box: a curated box full of surprise bridal gifts and goodies The Bride Box works closely with artists and designers to put together all the essentials the bride will need leading up to her big day.
  2. The Bouqs: for the bride that loves her flowers, Bouqs offers weekly, monthly, or quarterly subscriptions of fresh, polished flowers that will brighten her day.
  3. The Knot Subscription: The Knot is a personal wedding planner (that won’t mess up the seating chart) in a magazine and digital space. A subscription provides content, tools and services to assist with all her wedding planning needs.

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