So, your first holiday as a newly married couple is approaching and you may be starting to search for the perfect gift to commemorate this day. Even though you have celebrated together before, the first holiday together after marriage is something special. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the sentimental spouse, or perhaps seeking ideas that may have been left off your registry, we’ve...

What Should You Do With Unwanted Gifts?

You told your friends and family you’re decluttering your house and that you would appreciate it if they only got you what you needed instead of unwanted gifts. They didn’t listen, and now you’re stuck with a duplicate hairdryer, a bunch of home décor you have no room for, and a flashlight that you have no idea what to do with.  Of course, you’re grateful for the gift and that they got you...

Last Minute Present Ideas for the Holidays 

Ever been scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, and you see a friend’s post with the geotag, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.”  Yikes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a birthday. We get wrapped up in our busy lives, so we tend to forget birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or any other promising event. We’ve all been there. Hell, maybe some of us are there right now. With...

Bridal Shower Gifts You’ve Never Thought Of

Bridal showers are a great way to let the bride take a break from all the wedding preparation, make her feel special and enjoy some time with her close friends and family. For you, it also means another trip to Bloomingdale’s in pursuit of the perfect gift, or at least something someone else hasn’t already gotten her. Bridal shower gifts can get a little redundant and the last thing you want to...

Pay It Forward: The Wedding Gifts That Keep On Giving

Enter: the experience generation. We live for everything and want for nothing. Well, almost nothing: other than three weeks on an African Safari in a “rugged” 5-star hotel; the opportunity to jump out of a plane after only a weeks worth of skydiving lessons; or dinner reservations for two at the highly coveted Rao’s. That’s right, these are a few, amongst many outside the box wedding gifts...

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