Summer Outdoor Home Décor And DIYs 

The best part about summertime is finally able to enjoy all of your outdoor space. All of the gardening and landscaping is done, and it’s officially time to decorate and enjoy. It’s also an excellent time to test your DIY skills on some summer classics. It’s never too early to start, so let’s begin.  Sitting Area An outdoor sitting area has so many possibilities, and it all starts with what type...

10 Recipes For Summer

After so many years, all the recipes for summer seem to look the same and blend together. Thankfully, the wonderful people of the internet come up with new and exciting recipes all the time. We’ve already scoured the internet looking for the best recipes, now all you have to do is make them!  You can make an entire meal with the recipes on this list, and it would be amazing. We hope you love this...

Fun Socially Distant Summer Date Ideas

Even though the summer of 2020 is coming to an end, there’s still time to get some fun summer dates in! If you’re not sure what your options are in this uncertain time, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some of best socially distant summertime dates. Outdoor Dining Going out to dinner is a cherished date night tradition, but it’s been long overdue since quarantine. Thankfully...

5 Ways to Ensure a Fun, Memorable Summer

Ah, summer. Childhood memories come flooding back, reminding you that the only fun break you had as a child was indeed in the summer. There were no responsibilities, no errands to run, no assignments due. Just you and your friends chasing down the ice-cream truck and chilling in the pool at the YMCA.  I’m sure if you can turn back time, you would, but being an adult isn’t so bad. For one, you can...

Outdoor Activities To Check Off Your Summer Bucket List

Summer is great. The kids are out of school, the weather is hotter, there seems like there’s nothing to do yet for some reason, your to-do list keeps growing longer and the day seems never to end.  Unfortunately, nowadays, the majority of people would rather spend their days inside with the air conditioning blasting on high. If you’re not a parent, you might have your own plans on how...

Vacation Spots You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer

The need to travel always seems more notable during the summer season. The kids are off of school, the days drag on, the weather is hotter, and everything just seems more tiring. Plus, if you are not keeping busy, then the words “I am bored” will forever be scarred in your brain.  The top picks for summer spots are endless! Really, there are thousands of places that are bound to help...

DIY Activities for Kids This Summer

It is finally summertime, my good folks, and temperatures this year have been record-breaking. It is hot, humid, and sticky!  Before giving birth to the most amazing kids in the world, my usual summer plans would be me in a bathing suit, stretched out in the backyard, getting a tan.  Now…well, now it’s just more fun (and noisier…and messier). Still, I wouldn’t change it...

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