Studies show there are more than just organizational benefits to a deeply cleaned home. Clean spaces are healthier for both your mind and body. While you may already do an annual spring cleaning, you may want to consider doing a deep clean this fall as well. With cooler weather comes cold and flu season, and bugs and dust can do a number on you especially if you already suffer from allergies...

Winter Home Décor 

Winter doesn’t end after the holidays. The months before spring arrives should get just as much decorating attention as the rest of the year. It’s time for snowball fights and evergreen trees to have their moment. Convert your home into a winter wonderland with these winter home décor tips. via GIPHY Outdoor Decor Take advantage of the area near your front door; it sets the tone for the rest of...

Affordable Winter Getaways for the Newlyweds 

Friends, can you believe we’re already two weeks into the new year? How? The last couple of weeks feel like they never even existed. Half the time, I was in a food coma…or passed out drunk.  You probably were, too, so let’s not judge. While that was fun, it’s now time to snap back to reality and resume our rightful duties.  Over the break, one of my dearest friends got...

Planning a Winter Wedding? 

Here’s What You Need to Know It is finally wintertime and baby; it’s freakin’ cold outside! ‘Tis the season of spices, pumpkins, lattes, and hectic holiday shopping. Let’s not forget the Christmas decorating and family hosting. It’s no surprise that the last few months of the year are the reason your cortisol levels run off the charts.  Now imagine doing all...

How to Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

Holy moly, can you guys believe we’re already in February? I swear just yesterday was New Year’s, and I was toasting to a more productive year, and here I am wondering what the hell happened to January. Well, in the words of Anthony G. Oettinger, “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.” Get it? One of the perks of growing old is finding anything and everything amusing. via GIPHY...

How to Host a Super Bowl Party?

Where I come from, football is played with the feet, not hands. In fact, if you were to describe American football to a foreigner, they wouldn’t think much of it because, um hello, its 300-pound men in tights chasing each other for an oddly shaped ball. So, yes, even I can admit that I know zilch about football except for the name Tom Brady, whose face dominated my Instagram feed thanks to all...

Winter Honeymoon Spots

When I hear the word honeymoon, my mind automatically wanders to white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and drinking rum out of a coconut. And of course, lots of sexy time. Hey, it is a honeymoon, after all! Even though most honeymoons are spent somewhere tropical, there are thousands of winter wonderland locations that fit the just married getaway profile! Leave your bathing suits (I know...

Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

One of the downsides of growing up in Southern CA is that we didn’t get much rain. We would experience light showers, but it was never so intense so that we had to stay inside. My childhood consisted of several trips to Venice beach and so many Disneyland visits to the point where I got tired of it. Yes, the happiest place on earth became the most dreaded place on earth for me. It wasn’t...

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